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IPAWI is (Interpretation, Perception and What Is) IPAWI is the beginning of all thoughts in existence and it is the only true belief that is not questionable or debatable by any man woman or child; or species in the universe or existence for that matter. (This Is A Common Universal Knowledge Amongst All Conscious Species)


Thus; there is only one meaning in life and that is to understand and acknowledge all things as they are not as we think or feel they are. For example (An orange is an Orange because you were told it is) It is what it is and nothing more … Therefore your Interpretation and Perception of what it is; is irrelevant to it’s existence. What is relevant is; you can see it, smell it and touch it and you are here and you have a “Purpose” in being here. IPAWI


Thus; your only purpose in life is to be in harmony with all things that are in harmony with all things. And only these things occur naturally and only these things are infinite and perpetual... If it does not occur “Naturally” It generally has an adverse effect on what does only occur in nature.


When you understand and acknowledge all things as they are not as you think or feel they are; you can make a good situation bad, a bad situation good or a bad situation worse. Once you understand this you can control what you let in and let out. (You can let a shit ton of bad stuff in; doesn’t mean you have to let it out)…  Once you understand this you can dictate all things in your life. (First And Foremost Your Actions)


To have anything remotely close to achieving or perceiving perfection in your life you must follow one simple rule. You must remove what you think and feel from the equation… Whether you like it or not lol. (Joke) You will get it eventually haha. (Another joke for the slow people). (Slow being an opinion) keep up with me. What you think and feel are Cognitive Dissonance Disorders and or Opinions… Cognitive Dissonance is your minds ability to mind fk you into believing something is that isn’t (Something Questionable and Debatable by anyone is not what it is) (Hence the Orange) Still with me???


Therefore “Opinions” are always debatable and always questionable because every person has their own. That is immediate division in itself. I would assume that everyone would agree that Debatable may be perceived as an Argument… So you see; “Opinions” create emotions and feelings and emotions and feelings create actions… So; This my fellow human beings is all you need to do (Control Your Actions) and IPAWI is all you need to know and understand to be in control of the things you can control in life…


What is; Is You Are Born, You Live and You Die! The “LIVE” part is a “Choice” Either do it; don’t do it; but live by it!!!


IPAWI is the highest level of “Consciousness” It is the birth of every thought in existence!!! Control your thoughts and you will control your actions and the only action required by you is to Be In Harmony With All Things That Are In Harmony With All Things and you will serve your purpose in LIFE!!!



“The Root of the Word ignorance is Ignore“.

The MORAL of the story; don’t be “IGNORANT”



Dennis Robinson





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